Open the Cupola

Study, play live music, reside in a laid-back ambience, wander through the courtyards or go for a drink in the magnificent backdrop of the Cupola. The penitentiary walls will literally open up to welcome students and locals. University College Haarlem will be at the heart of a welcoming, multi-purpose centre for education, arts, culture and contemporary entrepreneurship.

Arts, sciences and a place to meet

Academic education belongs to Haarlem. The local Municipal Grammar School, founded in 1389, is recognised as one of the best educational facilities in the Netherlands. Haarlem has had an active role in education and science since the Middle Ages. The Royal Dutch Society for Sciences, founded in 1752, plays an important role in Dutch academia to this day. The respectable Teylers’ Museum, founded in 1778 as a “book and art hall”, is a renowned repository for arts and sciences.

Small-scale setting

The area around the Cupola is a pedestrian zone, close to the City Center. It is open and welcoming to students and locals. The green canopies of the old campus trees provide an attractive contrast with the large Cupola and its annexes. You will find sunny terraces, work- and meeting areas for start-ups and a summer hotel, accommodating students’ friends and family members during semesters.


Education and entrepreneurship

University College Haarlem wants to be a haven for both arts and culture, and modern entrepreneurship. This is why entrepreneurship will be emphasised in the curriculum of the Social Sciences Department (SSC), connecting academia and start-up culture. University College Haarlem will work closely with Innovation Centre North-Holland and up and coming tech-companies.

Bijzondere Mix jongeren

Place to be for the up-and-coming

Haarlem is faring well as the City of Pop. It needs rehearsal spaces, classrooms and a venua. A place where students of the conservatory of music and local bands can meet up and develop their talents. University College students are also welcome to attend courses at the conservatory of music. In this way, we proimote the musical heritage of today and tomorrow and offer budding artists the opportunity to find their way to the stages.

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